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Design & Technology

The Design and Technology unit aims to develop a cohesive team of D&T staff and bring out the best in all learners by igniting their passion for learning. 

To build up the interest of our lower secondary students in D&T, they will learn about research work on existing products, pencil holder and hand phone holder. They will also learn skills such as sketching, ideation and develop their own design. To realise their design, the students will make mock-ups and artefacts using acrylic or wood.

Pencil Holder (Sec 1 Artefact)                             Hand Phone Holder ( Sec 2 Artefact)
Pict 1.jpgPict 2.jpg

Our Sec 3 D&T students participated in the South Zone Millennium Challenge 2017 (Invitational) at St Andrew’s Secondary School in the bridge building, mechanical toy vehicle and motorized toy vehicle.

Pict 3.jpgPict 4.jpg

Students’ bridges ready for judging                     Winners of 5th position in ‘Speed’ Category,                                                                                      mechanical toy vehicle

Pict 5.jpg

Our student’s motorized toy vehicle among the competitors