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Information and Communications Technology

Personalised Learning Trail for Literature and Humanities

The objective of this programme is to engage students through inquiry-based formats using location-based technology and also to enable real-time quiz progress and location tracking using a “live” monitoring station. Through this programme, social media and collaborative apps were integrated to allow students to communicate, navigate and interact with one another. This trial is a stepping stone towards getting the students to be more confident and articulate thinkers and eventually take more ownership of their learning and deepen their understanding. This personalised learning experience is student-centered and makes use of collaborative learning to make meaning of their learning experience.

Media Computing Competition

Our Normal Technical students took part in the Media Computing Competition and once again won awards for Scratch Animation and Game categories. We are among the Top 10 schools in Singapore to win the GOLD award in the Scratch Game category and Bronze award in the Scratch Animation category. This is our 4th year receiving the Top 10 award in the Scratch Animation competition with twice receiving Top 3 Platinum awards in year 2014 and 2016. Wong Jing Wen of 2NT (2017) won the Bronze Award for Scratch Animation and Dason Lim Shen Yong of 3NT (2017) won the GOLD award for Scratch Game.