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The Music unit aims to develop students’ awareness and appreciation for music of different cultures and to develop their abilities for creative expression through music making. 
Under the General Music Programme (GMP), Sec 1 students go through a Keyboard Enrichment programme in term 1 where they acquire the knowledge of the basics of keyboard playing and learn how to employ the 4-chords progression in pop songs. 
In term 2, they will go through an iPad Band module where they will be able to learn multiple instruments through the use of mobile applications like Garageband. Students will also be able to expand their musical competencies through the use of ensemble playing and performing.

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Use of Garageband

Students performing their iPad Band

Sec 2 students deepen their musical concepts learnt in Sec 1. They go through a term of Song Composition where they experience and gain knowledge on the basics of song composition, from writing their own lyrics, to harmony and melody. Additionally, they also go through a term of Film Music Analysis where they learn how to critically analyse and understand the functions of music in various genres of films.

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Students going through theory concepts for Song Composition