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1. Authentic Learning Experience @ Nanyang Polytechnic (ALE@NYP)

A joint collaboration between Kranji Secondary School and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). The two-day Authentic Learning Experience (ALE) @ NYP serves to expose Secondary 2Exp and 2 NA students to the application of Science in another authentic context.  A lesson package infusing Thinking Routines was designed for the students. In this way, the development of scientific thinking and processing skills in students is enhanced. Leveraging on the industrial experiences of Lecturers from NYP, the students gained a glimpse into how science is indispensable in industrial applications and in everyday life.

Reflection of students

“This two-day program has led me to develop more interest in Science. I have gained new knowledge through conducting Thin-Layer Chromatography in the analysis of medicine, as well as glimpsed how Science education is conducted in the Polytechnic.”

-          Tan Yee Bin 2K4 (2017)

“Through discussion and repeated trial and error, my group managed to build our very own air vortex cannon that propelled us to second place in the mini competition. The wide variety of apparatus that we used opened our horizon as to how much there still is to explore in the world of Science.”

-          Aw Yang Jie Ying 2K3 (2017)


2. Life Science Programme

This In-house Life Science Programme is offered to all Secondary 1 Express students as an enrichment activity. It provides an opportunity for students to explore the concept of genetic material (DNA) being present in all living organisms. In this hands-on programme, students are paired up with a classmate and given the opportunity to extract DNA from a strawberry fruit! They will also use the Thinking Routine (See, Think, Wonder) to make their thinking visible by evaluating the purpose of certain extraction techniques and drawing conclusions from the experimental results.