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School Rules and Regulations

Flag Raising Ceremony and Late-Coming
On ALL days, pupils are to report to school at the assembly venue by 7:25 am each morning for the 7:35am flag-raising ceremony. 

Pupils will be marked as late if they are not seated at the assembly venue by 7:35am.

Pupils should be neat and tidy in grooming, befitting of the school’s ambassadors. 
Modifications to the school uniform are not allowed.

Boys’ faces must be clean-shaven and without moustache and beard.

Spectacle frames should be dull-coloured and without bold decorative designs. Coloured contact lenses are not allowed.

Wearing or displaying any body piercing (including ear sticks), tattoo or other body ornaments or decorations is not allowed.

Fingernails should be kept short and clean.

Wear white canvas/sports shoes with white laces (no visible logo/brand name).

Coloured sports shoes, fanciful footwear, slippers and sandals are not allowed.

Socks must be white in colour and above (covering) the ankle bone.

On Mondays, pupils are to report in full uniform with tie.

For the remaining school days (Tuesdays to Fridays):
- On PE days, students are to report in half uniform.
- On non-PE days, students are to report in full uniform.  

On Examination days, students are to report in full uniform.  

Pupils are not permitted to be attired in PE attire during curriculum time (lesson time).

Pupils are not permitted to be attired in their CCA or Class T-shirts at all times, unless permission is granted for special event.

Pupils may report in half uniform during school holidays or on Saturdays. 

Non-prescribed uniforms and inappropriate footwear (e.g. slippers) are not allowed at all times.

Pupils would be advised to leave the school if found to be in inappropriate attire.

Handphone Policy
Use of handphones in school could be an integral part of learning or a distraction from learning.

Handphones must be turned off during curriculum hours.

Handphones may only be used from 2:20pm onwards from Mondays to Thursdays and from 12:40pm onwards on Fridays.

Handphones may only be used in the canteen (Blk-H) and pick-up point areas (Blk-A and Blk-E) only.

No charging of handphones is allowed at all times.

No video recording is allowed at all times unless permission is granted.

Handphones can only be used in class for ICT-based lessons when instructed by teachers.
Handphones are required to be kept in bags during common test and examination sessions.

The above rules governing the use of handphones must be adhered to even on Saturdays and school holidays.

The school will not be liable and responsible for any damages or loss of handphones due to theft.

Non-compliance to the above conditions, as well as taking handphones out of bags/pockets to take videos and refusing to hand over when requested constitute violation of the use-of-handphone policy. These handphones will be subjected to confiscation.  Parents/Guardian will be informed and must collect the items on behalf of their child/ward by the following day.

Repeated offenders may have their handphones confiscated for up to 1 month.

For more details, please refer to our student’s handbook.