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Applied Learning Programme

Visible Thinking is a broad and flexible framework for enriching classroom learning in the content areas and fostering students' intellectual development at the same time. The key goals of the Visible Thinking are:
Deeper understanding of content
Greater motivation for learning
Development of learners' thinking and learning abilities.
Development of learners' attitudes toward thinking and learning and their alertness to opportunities for thinking and learning 
A shift in classroom culture toward a community of enthusiastically engaged thinkers and learners.
At Kranji, we promote Visible Thinking though the use of Thinking Routines which include simple protocols for exploring ideas – around any topic or subject area. The Thinking Curriculum sees the use of Thinking Routines that emphasize several ways of making students' thinking visible to themselves and one another, so that they can improve their thinking process. With Thinking Routines, students are more likely to show interest and commitment as learning unfolds in the classroom. They find more meaning in the subject matter and make meaningful connections between school and everyday life. Students become more open-minded, curious and always yearning to understand.  

Adapted from http://www.visiblethinkingpz.org/