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Chrysalis Programme


The programme aims to:

(1)  stretch talents and maximise learning potential of the students.

(2)  provide opportunity for the students to explore and gain in-depth study of the subjects they are strong in.

Student Outcomes

We work towards developing:

(1)  self-directed learners who are passionate about learning.

(2)  effective communicators.

(3)  students who display leadership skills. 

(4)  students who demonstrate resilience.

Key Programmes

In the Sec 1 and Sec 2 Chrysalis classes, about 10 to 20 % of the curriculum is differentiated to include learning activities that would stretch the ability of the students. Subject teachers integrate learning to bring about outcomes that cut across disciplines and help pupils see links across subjects. Subject teachers also design alternative assessments that develop the desired student outcomes.    

 The 2017 Sec 1 Chrysalis class was provided with more opportunities for collaborative work in learning of the history topics, and relating to global affairs. In Math, students applied what they learnt about map and scale in the context of Gardens by the Bay. The 2017 Sec 2 Chrysalis class was exposed to the industrial applications of Chemistry with a visit to Agilent Technologies, a MNC at the forefront of production of analytical instruments used in many industries, ranging from quality control of screens for IT devices to nutritional analyses of food. A student, Zunnur, shared about his learning experience. “The atomic spectroscopy uses plasma to ionise elements for analysis. I thought that plasma had to be isolated from living things as it is dangerous. Today, I saw with my very eyes plasma made from argon.”


Agilent Principles of Spectroscopy.jpegAgilent GCMS.jpeg

Students on Industrial Visit to Agilent Technologies

At Sec 3 and Sec 4 levels, students are empowered to explore their learning in a subject of their choice beyond classroom learning. 

Students in Debates programme.jpg
Students in Debates Programme

As we believe in holistic development of all students, Chrysalis students are given opportunities to do VIA projects that are more student-directed and have a greater impact on the community.