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Clubs and Societies


Established in 2016, Art Club provides the opportunity for students to meet after school to work on special art projects and to share art experiences with their fellow students, and also serves as a platform for students to showcase their talent and expand their knowledge in art and art-making through different mediums such as painting, printmaking, mosaic, photography, sculpture and etc. Every year, Art Club will organise art booth during Aesthetic Week to create awareness and expose students to different type of art. Recently, they also participated in PAssionArts Festival where students get to participate in different types of art making and organise a transparency printing booth for the public to participate.

As part of building appreciation and awareness of art in the society, students also visit museums to look at art exhibitions and participated in external competitions which enrich their learning and broaden their exposure to the different art forms. 


Comprising a service oriented and dynamic team of students and teachers, Media and Production Team (MPT) has 2 main arms and is all about the hardware and heart-ware, which runs through the veins of all school events, performances and mass communication functions.

The first arm mainly oversees the archival of school events in visual format with photography and videography support, providing quality photography and videography service to the school and the community. Often integrating media and ICT tools with innovative ideas and solutions, members are exposed to a wide variety of skills such as Journalism and Advance (DSLR) photography, Videography, Editing and Graphics Designing.


The second arm is an innovative body that renders audio technical support in various school events and functions, such as morning assemblies, talks, event celebrations and music broadcast. It provides a platform to equip students who are interested in the technical aspect of stage production with skills to contribute to the school. It also coordinates with other CCAs and lends support in major school performances. Through exposure to professional working platforms, its members also acquire rich learning and expertise in backstage and technical crew work. Usually the first to set up and the last to terminate its services and leave, MPT is the unsung hero of the many successes experienced by the school.