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Sports and Games

Badminton is one of the well-liked sports in Kranji Secondary School. It usually attracts a robust number of students. Students enjoy training under the two experienced coaches. Training takes place twice weekly for both the Boys’ and Girls’ teams.


The Basketball Team strives for commitment, discipline and resilience. Trainings are usually rigorous and yet students are constantly motivated to perform to their utmost best. The team is made up of players who are united with a strong sense of purpose and a desire to succeed.


The Football Team aims to develop resilience, commitment and teamwork to succeed. The CCA has attained good achievements in recent Zonal and National competitions. The Boys always strive for excellence and demonstrate passion and perseverance through their rigorous training sessions twice a week. The CCA certainly gives the students many opportunities to hone their skills and be committed young adults with the drive to pursue the best in life.


The Table Tennis team consists of disciplined, committed players who display sportsmanship at every competition. The team honed their skills through their rigorous training and desire to do well for the game. Through motivation, each player understands the importance of developing resilience and bringing success to the team and the school.