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Uniformed Groups

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) aims to develop cadets into leaders whom will be self-reliant, compassionate, confident, responsible and disciplined active citizens. The BB prepares, guides and instils skills and knowledge in the boys, facilitating the development of the boys in the various areas of competencies such as drill, adventure skills which hones their map-reading and problem-solving skills, as well as character development. The boys strive to do their best, maintain a strong bond with one another and together with the VALs truly enrich the lives of all the cadets in BB.  


The Girls’ Brigade (GB) provides a programme that is holistic and dynamic so as to develop outstanding girls who personify the values of respect, integrity, resilience, responsibility, compassion and an adventuring spirit. The weekly sessions allow them to plan, execute and explore their creativity through various hands-on and outdoor activities. They also develop resilience through drills, leadership camps and contribute back to society through active participation in community service. The strong camaraderie forged among the girls help them to discover their full potential, gain valuable life skills and more importantly, make a positive difference to their lives and others.

The National Cadet Corps (NCC, Land) Unit aims to nurture concern and active citizens with a strong sense of resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility in the cadets. During the weekly training, cadets’ have the opportunity to experience challenges that equip them the knowledge, skills and readiness to face the adversity of tomorrow. This enables them to appreciate the importance of military defence to the nation. The cadets also learn to appreciate the importance of precision and teamwork, through the popular Freestyle Drill which incorporates fun, besides foot drills. 
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The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) Unit strive to develop a culture of discipline, respect and confidence among the cadets.  Through exciting weekly trainings, cadets have many opportunities to participate in activities such as Drills, Camp-Craft, PT & Games, Marksmanship, Outdoor Adventure & Survival skills and First Aid.


The Saint John Brigade (SJB) strives to develop a strong sense of social awareness, discipline and responsibility among all its cadets through activities which enhances their emergency preparedness and community involvement responsiveness. The different activities throughout the year, both in school and at the SJAB Headquarters allow cadets to be exposed to a diverse range of essential skills and knowledge such as the First Aid, team-work and leadership skills.