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The Art unit aims to cultivate passion for learning through the arts and to enable every student to enjoy art, communicate visually and make meaning through connecting with society and culture.
To cultivate such passion, the Art unit has various interesting art lessons for the students.

Photography lessons

Secondary 2 students will experience outdoor learning for photography lessons. They explore the school environment to apply photography skills that they have acquired in class. The Art unit aims to provide experiential learning for students to be active learners and foster a high degree of engagement and appreciation for art.

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3-Dimensional Art lessons at Sec 3

Secondary 3 students will experience to work with 3-dimensional Art. They will be given materials such as clay, wire, and recycled materials to create various art forms. Students will apply one of four basic processes: carving, modelling, casting, constructing in their artmaking. The Art unit aims to widen the exposure of different art forms for students to express their thoughts, experiences and feelings in different ways.

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Museum-based learning

Students will be visiting the museums and exhibitions as part of their learning journey to cultivate visual literacy skills and appreciation of the Art world.

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