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Character and Citizenship Education

CCE Vision: Kranjians as community youth leaders of character

Through its Character Education programme, Kranji Secondary School aspires to develop Kranjians into leaders of character, grounded in core values, and demonstrated through their attitude, behaviour and competencies.

The school’s core values (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Compassion, Integrity, Passion for learning) are central to the framework for 21st century competencies and student outcomes, and fundamental to develop Kranjians into leaders with good character and useful citizens of Singapore. 

CCE Approaches
In order to achieve these outcomes, the school believes in the following principles and approaches:

Every Teacher a CCE teacher 
Values are both taught and caught 
A Student-Centred Values Driven education 
Students’ life experiences as possible contexts 
Expanding domain from self to world 

The school also adopts the Kolb's experiential learning style theory in the teaching of CCE. As values and attitudes are abstract concepts, students learn, internalise and demonstrate values better when they are able to (1) experience the value as a concrete experience, (2) reflect on this experience, (3) form their own analysis or conclusions, which are then (4) applied in future situations.

As students go through cycles of experiences, observation, reflection and application, they are given opportunities that enable them to reflect on values, concepts and ideas, and to internalise the values through the application of skills and knowledge in real-world situations. By deriving meaning from doing, students are more likely to take ownership of their learning and transfer their learning into new situations when they have experienced it. Students reflect, evaluate and make decisions based on their value system.

Key Programmes 
Apart school-based CCE lessons which include school-developed lesson packages and CCE Guidance Modules, the school also offers various key programmes to different levels.

Educational and Career Month
In order for graduating students to be able to make responsible decisions in achieving their goals and aspirations in life, the school organises Educational and Career Month. Through this, graduating students gain insights from professionals from different industries and learn more about the tertiary education courses of their choice.  

Work Shadowing
Through a partnership with the Ministry of Health, the school provides selected Secondary Three students with opportunities to participate in a Work Shadowing Programme. These students are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a variety of actual work situations through attachment to Allied Health Professionals. Through shadowing a work mentor, students learnt about the world of work through direct participation and observation, assisting in making informed decisions in their transition from school to work.

The VIA Programme in Kranji is a 4/5 year programme based on the developmental needs of the students while aiming to positively benefit the community around the school. To raise students’ awareness of the broader issues which Singapore faces, the school focuses its VIA efforts on two broad themes: elderly and environmental sustainability.  Based on these themes, students participate in a range of activities to raise awareness and take action to make a positive difference to the school and the larger community.

Long-term class projects are differentiated and developmental in nature. Secondary One students learn about the environment through class-based lessons and learning journeys. Secondary Two students extend a befriender’s hand to engage the elderly around the Choa Chu Kang community through socio-recreational activities. Upper Secondary students are involved in class-based Service Learning Projects which meet the specific needs of our community partners such as primary schools in our cluster and pre-schools. In particular, Secondary Four students are encouraged to deepen their understanding of a chosen elderly or environmental theme and to initiate action to make a difference and improve the lives of the others. Students work alongside Class Mentors to investigate a selected theme, identify the needs of the community through beneficiary recces an interviews, and design ways to meet these needs.

Secondary One students learning from a guide during a VIA Learning Journey
to Sungei Buloh.
Students organised art therapy sessions with elderlies
from Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre.

Students organising socio-recreational games for elderly in the neighbourhood before serving them lunch in the monthly Kampong Kitchen elderly befriending event.

Students collaborated with SG Food Rescue to rescue “ugly” food that is deemed not fit for sale because of minor defects. They then educated Choa Chu Kang residents about food wastage and that “ugly” foods can be consumed safely. As part of the programme, they also helped to clean out the community fridge so that excess food can be safely distributed to others.

Through the VIA Programme, students learn and exhibit leadership, organisational and communication skills, which are also transferable to other areas in the holistic education.