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Character Guidance

Our Approach to Discipline

The School’s approach to discipline is for every Kranjian to strive to nurture to be self-reflective and self-disciplined. 

Effective discipline is based on a consistent philosophy which the School endeavours by allowing opportunities for reflections and circle times.

School Values

The School aims to promote the School Values to our students - R³CIP, which covers the following basic philosophy for developing good discipline in students: 

The goal of discipline is to teach students how to develop self-regulation.
Discipline is a learning process to develop students' thinking and moral compass.
A whole-school, multi-faceted approach is required.

Restorative Practices and Relational Circles

A key strategy for developing good discipline is to build our students’ Social and Emotional (SEL) Competencies by:
Creating a supportive and structural environment.
Teaching values, social and emotional skills.
Providing opportunities for students to exercise good behaviour.
Guiding and re-orientating students through restorative practices who have erred in their behaviours.

Engagement with Stakeholders

Consistent collaboration with various stakeholders is paramount in effective discipline. This includes partnerships with parents/guardians and various external agencies to help our students become self-disciplined individuals of good character and uphold the School Values.