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To develop a dynamic team of teachers and students with a passion for mathematics

Key Programmes

1. The Mathematics department believes in giving the opportunity for the study of Additional Mathematics to all Express students at the Secondary 3 level. Students with a strong ability in Math at 3 Normal Academic are also offered Additional Mathematics. This is in line with our plans to provide students with varied choices in terms of pursuing their post-secondary education.

 2. The department is committed to the use of ICT platforms to teach and assess students’ learning. For example, motion detectors and graphing calculators are used to engage students in the formation of distance-time and speed-time graphs. Another example would be the use of Geogebra and Graphing app to illustrate geometry concepts such as circle properties and graph transformations.

20170728_105143.jpgMath photo.png
3. Learning experiences are incorporated in lessons to enable students to acquire and understand mathematics, seeing the relevance of the subject in the world around them. For instance, students are guided on the purchase of HDB Built-To-Order flats and new cars in Singapore to highlight the real-world applications of key financial concepts in their syllabus.

4. Students participate in various mathematics competitions to expose them to the rigours of competitive mathematics. The top students in the school are selected to represent the school in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad. Our school has received the Commendation Award for the schools category.

The school also participates in the All Singapore Mathematics Competition (Normal Academic and Normal Technical).