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Mother Tongue Language


To nurture Kranjians to love and appreciate their Mother Tongue Languages, to stay rooted in tradition and values, and to prepare them for a changing world

Mother Tongue Cultural Fortnight aims to ignite interests in Mother Tongue by exposing students to local culture, arts and history. This year, students attended workshops with 

hands on sessions such as weaving of Thoranam with Palm tree leaves, tying Chinese knots and making clay figurines. Renowned local singer, writer and song- writer Jiu Jian was invited to share with students on his journey in song writing and how he developed interest in the language. Other activities include trips made to Bukit Chandu and Malay Heritage Centre. Such trips allow students to be exposed to the history of the culture in a real-life setting.

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During the Lunar New Year Celebrations, lower secondary students participated in cultural activities such as clay-sculpting, Chinese knots and Chapteh, which allowed them to enhance their understanding of traditional Chinese culture and to develop a useful skill. On the other hand, upper secondary students enjoyed the LNY Concert in the hall. We were also honoured to have the elderly from Blk 9 Teck Whye Lane grace the event with their presence.

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