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The Music department aims to develop students’ abilities for creative expression through various modes of music making. Students’ awareness and appreciation of music of different cultures will also be cultivated during the 2-year Music programme.

Music - Teaching and Learning and syllabus 

                              Students working in groups on their iPad Band performance

Sec 1 students will go through instrumental modules where they will attain basic skills of playing the keyboard, cajon chool and ukulele. Through the modules, elements of Music are also introduced to ensure a holistic learning for students. 

For Sec 2 students, they will go through a Jam Band module where they will be able to gather what they have learnt in Sec 1, to work in groups to perform under a pop band setting. Students’ musical competencies will be expanded through the use of ensemble playing and many opportunities are provided for students to showcase their learning and final performances.

Additionally, for Sec 2 students, to deepen the musical concepts learnt thus far, they go through a term of Song Composition where they experience and gain knowledge on the basics of song composition, from writing their own lyrics, to harmony and melody. Various platforms are provided for students to showcase their original works. Additionally, they also go through a term of Film Music Analysis where they learn how to critically analyse and understand the functions of music in various types of films. 

Students going through theory concepts for Song Composition using the Musically Singaporean app

Elden Choo – winner of SYF 2018 Celebrations: Songwriting Contest – working with local musician Rai on his final recording

Music Syllabus T

Under the Music Syllabus T offered to 3N(T) and 4N(T) students, students will be able to acquire a range of skills and knowledge of essential music concepts through various ICT tools and pedagogies. They will also be given opportunities to attend and perform at concerts and music workshops to strengthen their musical competencies.

Students learning with flashcards 

Performance at the NT Music Camp @ ITE College Central