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The Science Department aims to achieve excellence in the teaching and learning of Science through an innovative curriculum.
For the Lower Secondary students, our department uses various tools to scaffold their thinking processes. These include the use of a variety of thinking routines as well as C-E-R (Claim, Evidence and Reasoning) to make their thinking more visible. In addition, the department uses the Standards of Critical Thinking model to ensure that students understand and provide good quality answers.
For the Upper Secondary students, our department uses an inquiry approach to make learning more student-centric, while teachers serve as facilitators for learning. Students are given opportunities to learn content through data and information given, as well as experiments to develop their information processing and problem solving skills. Students are also exposed to a greater variety of data-based questions to challenge students’ thinking processes and test on their application of knowledge gathered.
Our department believes that learning of science should not be confined within the classrooms. Hence, our students are provided with ample of activities such as workshops and competitions, where they can apply what they had learnt in class and continue to grow their passion for learning in science. Our department strives towards providing an authentic learning experience so that the pursuit of science would be more meaningful.

Key Programmes:

Biodiversity Programme

With the skills acquired from the NPark’s Community in Nature (CIN) workshops, our Sec 3 CIN ambassadors curated and led the Secondary 1 students in a biodiversity educational trail during their mid-year post-exams activities. The biodiversity trail had objectives to promote appreciation of Singapore’s unique biodiversity and to introduce the characteristics of different vegetation types in Singapore. Environmental conservation was also a key message that was brought across through the activities designed by the CIN ambassadors. 

Science Technology Challenge

The Science Technology Challenge is a competition organised by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP). The competition provides an opportunity for students of all levels to create an end product for the various categories varying from building bridges to chairs. Through this competition, students are encouraged to think critically to ensure that their design was feasible and creative, and apply the Science knowledge that they had gained in school.

Reflection of students

“Before the competition, my group came together to research and tried to build the strongest bridge only using ice-cream sticks and managed to succeed after trying several times. However, during the competition, the bridge still fell apart many times and was not able to stay intact. We continued to try our best and managed to complete the bridge. Even though our group was not able to have the strongest bridge, I am glad that my group demonstrated resilience and determination to complete the task.”

Toh Yi Huan (2K3 2018), participant of the Design and Build a Bridge category

“This competition enabled me to learn something new as I have never learnt coding before. Through collaboration and repeated attempts, my teammate and I managed to program the robot successfully such that it would follow the path coded and complete certain obstacles. I have learnt the importance of teamwork and cooperation so as to constantly improve on the coding used and the design of the robot in order to succeed in the competition.”

Lim Jing Yuan (2K4 2018), participant of the Amazon Treasure Hunt category

“The competition has been a wonderful experience that has led me to develop my interest in Science. It has also provided me with a platform to apply the scientific concepts that I have learnt in class while constructing the cardboard chair. I have also learnt that it is vital to have teamwork as well as effective communication skills in order to succeed.”

Emylia Audreyna Binti Shaiful Anuar (2K4 2018), winner of the Bodyweight Chair-llenge category