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The Kranji Young Alumni aims to strengthen bonds between the school and ex-Kranjians and encourage ex-Kranjians to contribute to the growth of the school. Key programmes such as the Secondary 1 Orientation, Sports Fiesta and motivational talks for the graduating students were identified by the school for the Alumni to support and participate. Their presence and involvement reinforces the belief “Once a Kranjian, always a Kranjian.”

The 2 days Secondary One Orientation held at the beginning of Term 1 2017 was successfully carried out by the Alumni.  The alumni leads in the planning of the programme and bonding activities such as the amazing race competition and the cheering competition. The Secondary One students had a fun and wonderful experience during the orientation programme.

The alumni supports the Annual Sports Fiesta held by the school in February by setting up two game booths. The Alumni set up the futsal and the floorball games booths. The students enjoyed the two game booths organized by the alumni and had a great time.

Motivational talks were given by the Alumni in July to the graduating students. The two alumni speakers shared their school experience during their years in Kranji Secondary School and gave advice to the graduating students on how to overcome challenges they may face in the future. The talks were conducted to motivate and inspire the students to give their best in their coming GCE examinations.

Alumni showed their sincere appreciation for the teachers and staff by presenting Teachers’ Day cakes for all Kranji teachers and staff during the Teachers’ Day and EAS Day Celebrations. Besides that, the Alumni Chairman also gave a short speech to the school to show their gratitude to the teachers on that day.