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Parents Support Group

 Kranji Secondary School Parents Support Group (PSG) was formally formed on 1st September 2005. Currently, we have over 30 committed and dedicated members overseeing the running of PSG initiatives and activities. The PSG strives to be a pro-active partner and one of the strategic stakeholders in the holistic education of the school. Through parents’ involvement in school programmes and activities, students can have memorable and stimulating learning experiences during their school stay

The phrase "Quality Partnerships, Quality Education" encapsulates the close collaboration between Kranji Secondary School and the PSG.

                                KSS Parent Support Group Executive Committee 2018 & 2019

To be the Best PSG in West Zone

To tap upon parental strengths and expertise to support school programmes and activities with the aim of enhancing students’ overall learning experiences

To promote collaborative school activities and enhance our stakeholders’ value 
To organise enrichment and bonding activities for teachers, parents and students 
To further contribute to the achievement of the partnership so as to impact the teaching          and learning outcomes for the betterment of our students
To foster close ties and partnerships with the school and community

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KSS PSG Parent-Child Bonding Enrichment Programme

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Ang Lay Choo 
(PSG EXCO Member: Chairperson) 
The main reason why I joined PSG when my son came to KSS in 2016 was due to my previous involvement in his primary school’s PSG. Thus, I wanted to continue this in his secondary school life too. Participating in the school activities, especially the NDP 16 and talks organised by PSG, gives me a chance to know what the school is doing and allows me to bond well with other parents. I enjoy these valuable sharings that I have benefited from by being involved as a PSG member in KSS.  

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Chan-Ng Ai Lin (PSG EXCO Member)
My involvement in the PSG has allowed me to take an active role in shaping the learning environment that my child is in. I get to know the school better and to work with the school leaders and teachers to organise many learning opportunities and events for the students. I also foster friendship with many like-minded parents to make the school a better learning environment for our children to be in. Last but not least, my active involvement in my child’s school is a good gesture to show my child how much I love and care for his well-being.

Vijihendran Krishnan (PSG EXCO Member)

Since my daughter's primary school days, I have been taking part in the activities organised by the school.  Joining PSG made me understand that teaching is not an easy job and at the same time as parents we have an important role in assisting the school to mould our children. It is a joy to have different experiences which benefit us through the sharing and learning from one another. Sharing experiences and joining these activities can bring out the best in our children while creating greater inter-cultural understanding and appreciation. It is also very important for our children to know and understand that parents do care about what they do. When our children see parents putting their time into good use, they will be inspired to do the same.

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