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Parents Support Group

The Parent Support Group of Kranji Secondary School, PSG@Kranji, was formally formed on 1st September 2005. Currently, we have 50 over committed and dedicated members overseeing the running of PSG initiatives and activities. The PSG strives to be a pro-active partner and one of the strategic stakeholders in providing holistic education for our students. The PSG actively supports the school programmes and activities so that the students, through their parents’ involvement, can have memorable and stimulating learning experiences during their years in Kranji. The presence of the PSG is keenly felt at all school events and celebrations, and they are our most valued stakeholders.
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KSS PSG in Great Support with School on Sports Fitness Fiesta Day & Annual Sports Day

Adeline Lim (Parent of Sec 2) – After consulting with my daughter, I decided to join PSG@Kranji and attended a few of the events. What started off as merely wanting to know more about how my child is in school, opens up a host of other possible conversational topics with her. Being more aware of the school’s calendar and plans in the pipeline, I was able to give her timely reminders and advice. I must say that our relationship has reached a different height.
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KSS PSG in Support of KSS Rice Dumpling Festival Celebrations

Joanne Poh (Parent of Sec 3) – I was amazed at the level of support that parents can provide for each other. It was heart-warming to see so many parents offering help when needed at school events. Even when a parent asks a question over the chat group, other parents who have the information will immediately volunteer the details. Such level of sharing and support makes parenting a teenager a much easier task. We will continue to support by coordinating and participating in school events so as to strengthen the bonds amongst students, parents and teachers. We hope that more parents will join us as part of PSG@Kranji. Let’s walk our parenting journey together!
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KSS PSG with National Day Celebrations cum Leaders’ Day & Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Kelvin Sim (Parent of Sec 4) - As Chairman of PSG@Kranji since 2015, I have been given many opportunities to assist the school in various areas, giving feedback as well as recommendations to enable a more holistic learning journey for our children. My past experiences in similar school level participations also reflected the belief that students whose parents are PSG members perform better in school as their involvement with school activities brings about a positive influence such as values, discipline and attitude to their child’s learning journey. Specifically, my involvement in PSG is a platform and opportunity to share my knowledge and humble experiences with other parents and learn from them as well to better guide our children in their teenage years. I strongly encourage parents to join PSG@Kranji as the secondary years is another major milestone in their child’s growing and learning years where they need our guidance in their decision making. It is a collaborative effort to make the school a more conducive environment, not just an institute for learning but also a place like home.

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KSS PSG in Support with Yew Tee cum Lim Bang Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations & Student Support Programme (SSP) for Secondary 1 Students