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Name of Award
Lee Hsien Loong Award for Innovations in the Normal Course (2017-2023)
National Day Award - The Commendation Medal - Mdm Rosmilah Bte Kasmin
                                                                                 (Lead Teacher) 

CCA Achievements
 Uniform Groups Units Award
National Cadets Corps Distinction
National Police Cadets Corps  Gold
 St. John Brigade Gold
 Girls' Brigade Gold
 Boys' Brigade Silver
 Performing Arts Groups Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation
 Chinese Dance Distinction
International Dance  Certificate of Accomplishment
 Symphonic BandCertificate of Accomplishment 
 Drama Certificate of Accomplishment
 Sports and GamesAchievements 
 Basketball Singapore School Sports Council West Zone C Division Basketball Championships 2019: Girls 4th
 FootballSchool Premier League 2 2019: National Top 16