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The Art unit aims to develop Kranjians’ passion for art; thinkers who are capable to communicate visually through various means of Art making. Through these efforts of perceiving, communicating and appreciating Art, students develop the confidence to discuss, respond and connect their lived experiences with society and culture.

Teaching and Learning Syllabus

To achieve a learner-centred curriculum, the Lower and Upper Secondary Art are aligned to the three big ideas in the revised Lower Secondary Art syllabus which are:
  • Art helps us to see in new ways
  • Art tells stories about our world
  • Art influences how we live

These ideas serve to meaningfully contextualise the components of Art learning. The inquiry-based learning approach considers the designing of the curriculum with themes carefully chosen to make Art relevant to Kranjians’ daily lives. Thus, Kranjians explored and inquired themes on the environment, SG Bicentennial, Art Represent The Unsung Heroes to honour the essential and front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, etc. The Arts Education Programme in Kranji aims to be inclusive and differentiated to cater to all students.

Secondary 1 student will learn to analyse, gather, organise and record visual stimuli in nature and the man-made environment through visual journaling. They will also learn to use the information collected to generate artworks to present their identity using traditional and digital means.

They will also experience learning photography. They will transfer the photography skills that they have acquired during lessons by manipulating the images of the self- portraits of themselves with public sculptures. The Art unit aims to provide experiential learning for students to be active learners and foster a high degree of engagement and appreciation for art.

To extend the learning of sculptures, the Secondary 1 students will be given an inquiry based task to create sculptures using recycled materials. The Art unit aims to widen the exposure of different art forms for students to express their thoughts, experiences and feelings in different ways.

Secondary 2 students will experience Game-Based Learning (GBL) that has a specific learning outcome. GBL is incorporated for students to discover creative ways to retain Art content knowledge such as Principles of Design and Compositional Strategies. This pedagogical approach is to develop students’ cognitive and social skills. The Art unit aims to conduct further investigation on the benefits of GBL to retain knowledge longer from other learning methods.

Learning beyond school@NAFA

Secondary 3 students experimented with a variety of materials, techniques and technologies to translate their ideas into visual forms and expressions.

To provide students with a professional art studio practice, Kranji partnered with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) for students to reflect what they learned in the classroom. This experience was to allow students to identify their strengths and inclinations. The Art unit aims to provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls.

Learning Journey to the Museum

To enable students to connect and respond to artworks, students will experience museum-based learning as part of their learning journey. This is to cultivate visual literacy skills and appreciation of the Art world.