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Computing (New!)

O-Level Computing (2023 Secondary 3)

Kranji Secondary will be offering O-Level Computing with effect from 2023 as an option in our Secondary 3 Subject Combination. This offers an added choice for 2022 Secondary 1 and 2 students!

The O-Level Computing subject is catered for students who display passion and/or talent in Computing. It focuses on developing problem-solving and Computational Thinking Skills in support of 21st Century Competencies as well as an appreciation of intellectual property and ethical issues arising from the use of technology. Students who offer the subject will also gain a head-start if they decide to take up computing-related studies or pursue computing-related careers in the future.

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The O Level Computing syllabus aims to provide students with the foundation to pursue further studies in computing at A-Levels and at tertiary institutions. The skills acquired in computational and algorithmic thinking is a way of getting to a solution through clear definition of the steps leading to solutions. These skills are needed to embrace a rapidly changing technological landscape.

The two-year course at upper secondary level will equip students to:

  • Apply logical reasoning and algorithmic thinking in analysing problem situations and developing solutions
  • Develop simple programs through the use of appropriate programming language(s)
  • Understand how and where information communications technology (ICT) is used in daily life
  • Understand and explain the ethical, social and economic issues associated with ICT.
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ICT refers broadly to technology involving computing devices, software and other hardware. The computer science concepts and skills will also be taught.

Computing Curriculum Framework


For more information on the subject, please refer to the syllabus available at https://www.seab.gov.sg/docs/default-source/national-examinations/syllabus/olevel/2022syllabus/7155_y22_sy.pdf.

Eco-system to cultivate students' interest in computing

Currently, the school has an eco-system to build and cultivate students’ interest in computing. The school has a CCA in Science & Technology Club with diverse selection of STEM workshops and challenges are provided for students to extend their scientific capabilities and interest and to develop coding and programming skills.Science  Technology Club.jpg
In addition, the Code for Fun Programme is offered as a post examination enrichment to all Sec 1 students to increase their exposure to coding and computational thinking. This is part of a set of mathematical enrichment activities designed to nurture students’ interest in STEM and to develop their disposition in STEM. Students will use microcontrollers, basic drag and drop coding and cardboard Lego Blocks known as Blokies to build different physical structures based on their understanding of mathematical/STEM skills such as spatial visualisation, geometry and measurement. For example, they will write a program to create a house intruder system for their ‘house’ made from Blokies.

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And as part of our Blended Learning at the lower secondary levels started this semester, Data Visualisation with Python is currently offered as a Student-Initiated Learning activity for the Secondary 2 Express and 2 NA students. Students use PyCharm (Python programming) to familiarise themselves with syntax-based programming concepts, including understanding Python language syntax, developing basic capabilities to explore and learn about Python data analytics models, and understanding coding fundamentals such as loops, events, conditionals, variables, etc.

In 2022, ‘Coding With Python’ workshop was offered for all Secondary 2 Express and 2 Normal Academic students. The workshop was conducted online and includes the following:

  • use of Python programming to design data analytics models;
  • hands-on and experiential project-based learning; and
  • application on mathematics computational thinking