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Humanities Department Vision

To develop a community of passionate humanists,
equipped with the knowledge and innovation for a rapidly changing world

The Humanities Department believes in the transformative power of a humanities education to develop our students into analytical, critical and creative thinkers. We prepare our students for the challenges of the changing world by nurturing students into active global citizens, and lifelong learners and leaders.

Humanities Curriculum

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Notable Mention

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Tricia Loh Qiuxuan (Class of 2020, 4K4) is awarded the MOE Humanities Scholarship to pursue the Humanities Programme at Eunioa Junior College. The Humanities Programme is an interdisciplinary programme that aims to develop the humanities scholars into values-driven and thought leaders at the local, regional and global levels. Recipients of this scholarship will be exposed to exciting opportunities such as overseas enrichment programme and attending local and overseas conferences.

Key Humanities Programmes

Incorporation of 21st century competencies in Humanities subjects

To prepare Kranjians for the future, 21st century competencies are integrated into the teaching of Geography, History and Social Studies. The teaching and assessment of these three subjects aim to develop Kranjians’ cognitive competencies in critical thinking, analysis and problem solving, as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies in ethical values, social and organisational skills.

Focus on ASEAN in Humanities Curriculum

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Southeast Asia, one of the fastest growing regions in the world, together with China, India, Japan and Korea, collectively form Singapore’s natural hinterland. The Humanities curriculum provides students with a deeper appreciation of the geographies, histories, cultures, languages, and economies of countries in our region.

To position our students to understand ASEAN better and seize new opportunities from ASEAN’s growth, our department aims to equip students with the knowledge, language and cultural skills to succeed in our region. One such platform is the “ASEAN Youths in Climate Action” discussion series that our department has co-organised with the ASEAN Studies Centre, a research think tank with the Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore. Do read more about it here!

Geographical Investigation & Historical Inquiry

Geographical Investigation and Historical Inquiry provide platforms for Kranjians to conduct authentic historical and geographical research beyond the classroom. Through such inquiry-based approach, all Geography and History students exercise and develop self and relationship management skills, which are important for life.

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(Left) Secondary 2 History students recording their observation during Historical Inquiry lesson at Kampung Buangkok (2019)
(Right) Upper Secondary Geography students interviewing tourists in Kampung Glam (2019)

In continuing to provide our students with the rich learning experience from Geographical Investigation and Historical Inquiry in spite of curbs on on-site fieldwork due to the pandemic, our department brings the investigation into the classroom. For instance, we have created a virtual field trip using Google Earth with resources such as 360° scenes and 3-dimensional artefacts to replicate life and living in Singapore’s kampongs in the 1960s and 1970s. Students will be able to access the virtual field trip using their mobile phones and engage in an immersive learning experience anytime, anywhere and at their own pace.

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Humanities Overseas Learning Trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The Humanities department conducted an overseas learning trip for a group of Secondary 3 students to Ho Chi Minh City in November 2019. The aims of this trip allow student to have
      • authentic, practical first hand experiences of the physical and human environment
      • apply humanities inquiry skills in authentic learning environments in Vietnam; and
      • learn more about Vietnamese culture and lifestyle
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Students learning about the military campaigns during at the Vietnam War at the tunnels of Cu Chi

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Students immersing in an experiential learning about Geography of Food

Humanities Amazing Race during KSS Humanities Week

The Humanities Amazing Race is a signature programme organised by the Humanities Department to enhance Kranjians’ Humanities learning experiences beyond the classroom. Students participate in interactive games at locations in and outside of school. These games are designed to showcase how humanities subjects are integral in their everyday lives.

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Students doing station activities during Humanities Amazing Race (2019)

Humanities-related Conferences and Competitions

National Youth Environment Conference 2021

Organised by Nan Hua High School, this Conference aims to bring about greater awareness about the different environmental issues the world faces currently. Student participants work in groups to discuss and solve a variety of issues in topics ranging from sustainable usage and management of natural resources to creating car-lite societies.

Achievements: Nur Aqilah Umairah Binte Ashnol and Syairrah Binte Mohamad Rozali (4K3) won the most outstanding delegate in their UN-WATER Group 2 committee session. Chai Bo Yuan (3K4) was awarded the best delegate in the UNDESA (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs) Group 1 committee session

The Model United Nations Conferences

The Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations Conference that aims to educate upper secondary student participants about current and international affairs. Students from different local and international schools will play the roles of delegates representing their assigned countries in councils of their choice, engage in simulated UN debates regarding global issues. They have the opportunity to hone their public speaking, reasoning, research and interpersonal skills, enabling them to come up with plausible and creative solutions to their assigned issue. The Model United Nations is a good platform for Kranjians to deepen their understanding of the complexities of international relations in our highly globalised world.

Our school won the “Best Newcomer Delegation” award, and Emylia Audreyna Binte Shaiful Anuar (3K3, 2019) was awarded the “Best Position Paper” award.

National University of Singapore Geography Challenge

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Geography Challenge is a competition that aims to engage, empower and educate Geography students on local and global issues. Through exploring the relevance of Geography in our daily lives, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills in geographical fieldwork and techniques.

The NUS Geography Challenge has encouraged Kranjians to embark on independent learning and apply disciplinary knowledge to better understand the intricacies of our globalised world.

MOE History Challenge

The MOE History Challenge aims to engage History students in the disciplinary aspects of History where students can demonstrate their knowledge of the subject and apply conceptual understanding across different periods through a quiz.

Students who performed well in the History challenge will be given the opportunity to participate in the History Talent Development Programme (HTDP). The HTDP aims to develop students’ interest in History and deepen their understanding of the discipline. The HTDP will provide platforms for these students to engage with historians and experts in related fields on a range of historical issues and will run over the course of Secondary 3 to JC1-2 if students continue to read History at the Junior Colleges. Jolene Png Yi Hwee (3K3) had performed well in the MOE History Challenge 2020 and has been selected for the HTDP.

Due to the COVID-19 situation and to safeguard the well-being of our students, the MOE History Challenge is held online on the Singapore Student Learning Space.

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Student participants at the MOE History Challenge 2020

Historical Scene Investigation Challenge

The Historical Scene Investigation (H.S.I.) Challenge is an annual contest organised by the National Library, Singapore which promises an exciting experience for students to put their historical inquiry and information literacy skills to the test. This year's fully digital contest has enabled our students to investigate a relevant historical topic whilst exploring the range of online resources at the National Library, Singapore and National Archives of Singapore. Kranji Secondary School clinched the Silver Award in 2020.

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Extract of the poster submitted for the Historical Scene Investigation Challenge 2020