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To develop a dynamic team of teachers and students with a passion for mathematics.

Key Programmes

ICT – Infused Learning

Students make use of ICT resources for their learning. All students have their own Personal Learning Devices (PLDs) and they can use it to access various digital resources. This allows for greater facilitation of activities and discussions so that students have a greater sense of ownership in their learning.

Real-World Applications of Mathematics

Incorporation of real-world learning experiences into lessons enables students to acquire and understand mathematics while seeing the relevance of the subject in the world around them.

Enrichment Activities

The Mathematics Department provides varied learning experiences for our students.

In the inaugural Mathematics Week, students learnt about the Golden Ratio and mathematics symbols and played games such as the KenKen puzzle. Through the performance of a magic trick during one of the mathematics lessons, students were exposed to the binary number system. Pi Day (14 March, or 3.14) was celebrated during one of the assembly lessons. Students were challenged to make the longest possible Pi chains and through this activity, they discovered more about the number Pi.

The Secondary 1 students participated in a Mathematics Trail. The various stations organised by the teachers provided opportunities for students to improve their mathematical thinking outside the classroom. For example, one station tasked the students to estimate the perimeter of the hall without the use of measuring instruments while another station required the students to find out the height of the flag pole with the use of clinometer. Students also developed their creativity and collaborative skills as they work in teams to solve real world problems.

The Code for Fun Programme is a joint initiative by IMDA and MOE to increase students’ exposure to coding and computational thinking. The programme includes learning of computational thinking concepts using visual-based programming language, combining it with robotic kits and/or microcontrollers, to create an engaging coding experience for the students.

Mathematics Competitions

Students are given the opportunity to participate in various competitions held locally and internationally to expose them to the rigours of competitive mathematics.

In 2021, our students participated in the following competitions:
      • 2021 International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC) Singapore: Sec 4s
      • Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO): Sec 2 and 4s
      • Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC): Sec 3s
      • Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest (SMKC): Sec 1 – 5s
      • All Singapore Mathematics Competition (ASMC) for Normal Course Students : Sec 2 & 4s