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Mother Tongue Languages


Learn to love the language • Love to learn the language


  • To nurture Kranjians to love and appreciate their Mother Tongue Languages;
  • To help them to stay rooted in traditions and values;
  • To prepare them for a changing world.

Key Programmes

In line with Strategic Thrust 1 in Nurturing future-ready leaders with a heart to serve, the Mother Tongue Curriculum is customised to the different learning needs and abilities of all student segments. The programmes are categorised into Core, Enrichment and Support categories.

In the category of ‘Core’, the MTL department uses the Newspaper Reading Programme to incorporate global and national issues into classroom lessons. Students read MTL newspapers, magazines and articles (SLS Newslink) on Wednesday mornings from 7.40 am to 7.55 am. MTL teachers will then follow up with newspapers/articles discussions at least once a week to expose students to current affairs and create global awareness.

Through the use of Thinking Routines, the MTL department aims to integrate thinking skills in lesson design to raise students’ level of engagement in learning and to bring about deep learning and joy of learning. We provide opportunities for authentic application of their learning (Thinking Routine, Critical thinking and innovative thinking skills) via alternative assessment approach, i.e. oral presentation, group project, book review & peer evaluation etc.

In line with the Smart Nation vision, the MTL department developed an e-book that extensively encapsulates a detailed explanation of 6 different ethnic festivals, highlighting the significance of symbols and practices in order to address students’ misconceptions of festivals celebrated by the different ethnic groups in Singapore. For this innovation, our team aims to adopt Blended Learning using Student Learning Space (SLS) as a platform in order to optimise students’ learning. Sec 1 students accessed the e-book on their own and attempted the quizzes provided at the end to self-assess their understanding of the content provided in the e-book. They are also required to complete the SLS Oral package encompassing reading assessment, video submission, peer evaluation and post-survey as part of the alternative assessment. The following are some video presentations of our Sec 1 students in the role of a book promoter!

In the category of ‘Enrichment’, the MTL department organised MTL fortnight programmes which are aimed at creating an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue languages. These activities provide authentic opportunities for students to learn about their cultures and also to use their Mother Tongue languages. Students participated in the hands-on activities and workshops such jewellery making, basic yoga, traditional games, Rangoli, Wau Batik painting, coaster weaving, Malay-Arabic (Jawi) basic calligraphy workshops, seal carving, fan painting, blow painting, lantern making, opera mask painting as well as martial arts. Renowned local singer, writer and song-writer Jiu Jian was invited to share with students on his journey in song writing and how he developed interest in the language. A session on cross talk was conducted and students had the opportunity to learn more on this traditional form of art amidst bouts of laughter. Through these activities, we hope to enrich our students’ learning experiences and develop them into individuals who love their culture and language.

The department also organized several events, such as Pongal Festival, Chinese New Year Celebrations, Hari Raya Celebrations, Deepavali Celebrations, co-organized Mid-autumn Festival with Yew Tee CCC. These activities has enabled students to learn beyond classroom context and strengthen their sense of cultural heritage and identity.

In the category of 'Support', Talent development is planned and carried out with the department taking varied approaches in providing opportunities to develop students to their fullest potential. For example, the department offers opportunities to students who show interest in stretching their potential in the subject by involving them in roles such as writing, editing, emceeing and performing for creative CL essay compilation- Kspiration publications and launching. We also provides selected students the exposure through numerous competition and workshop platforms to stretch students beyond meeting syllabus requirements.

Some of the competitions and workshops are

National Creative Story Writing Competition, Author-In-Residence Programme, World Book Day and Literature under the April Sky

ML National Creative Writing Competition and National Translation English Language to Malay Language Competition

Confident Speaker Workshop, ‘Periyar’ Reading Competition, Top spinning workshop, Drama Enrichment