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The Music unit aims to develop students’ abilities for creative expression through various modes of music making. Students’ awareness and appreciation of music of different cultures will also be cultivated during the 2-year Music programme.

Music – Teaching and Learning Syllabus

The Sec 1 students will go through instrumental modules where they will attain basic skills of playing the keyboard, cajon and ukulele. Through the modules, elements of Music are also introduced to ensure a holistic learning for students. Students’ musical competencies will be expanded through the use of ensemble playing and opportunities are provided for students to showcase their learning and final performances.

For the Sec 2 students, besides advanced instrumental modules, they will also deepen the musical concepts learnt thus far, by going through the Song Arrangement module where they experience and gain knowledge on the basics of song arrangement such as music genres, instrumentation and music technology.

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Students are also encouraged and mentored to participate in various platforms (such as the annual SYF Song Writing – Youth Station Project on Original Songs organised by MOE) where they are given opportunities to showcase their original works to a wider audience.

Additionally, they also go through a module of Jam Band where they will work closely in small groups to perform their chosen song to a live audience.
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