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Nutrition and Food Science

The Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) unit aims to educate students with knowledge in nutrition, food sciences, culinary skills and food science investigation experiment skills. We aim to provide our graduating students with a foundation that can be useful if they would like to pursue food sciences or other food related courses during their tertiary education.

Food Science Investigation for lower Secondary

Investigation is conducted on the effects of different heating duration (3 minutes, 8 minutes, 15 minutes) on the sensory properties (appearance, texture and taste) of egg to be served in a salad/ ramen dish.

photo 1.jpg

FCE students carrying out the investigative work
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Food Science Investigation for Upper Secondary
Investigation is conducted on the effects of different types of flour (Plain flour, whole meal flour, bread flour) on the sensory properties (appearance, texture and taste) of cupcakes.

Top view – exterior appearance
photo 1.jpg

Side view – cross sectional
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The Maker Programme was conducted for our Secondary 1 to 5 students at the beginning of the year in Term 1. The objective of the activity is for our students to pick up skilful culinary technique in the preparation of picnic finger food with a twist of Singapore flavors. The recipe was crafted in such that students were encouraged to utilize commonly left over food at home in the creation of new dishes. This was done as part of the NFS unit’s effort in educating students on the importance of reduce food wastage as part of the food sustainability education.

Ms Ng conducting demostration lesson to the participants.

Rice crust Pizza done by the Secondary 1 students.

Group photo with all the participants.

NFS baking and culinary competition

Every year, students are given the opportunity to participate in various cooking and baking competitions. The competition provides a platform for students to apply their nutritional knowledge through developing suitable recipes to meet the nutritional needs of the different age groups. Students will then have the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills and oral presentation when displaying the final products before a judging panel. These enriching experiences enable students to apply what they have learnt in FCE/ F&N lessons and encourage them to see the relevance of the subject in their daily lives.

Due to COVID-19, the NFS baking and culinary competition did not happen for 2020.

Our F&N students in 2019 Keat Hong CC sandwich making competition: