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The Science Department aims to inculcate in all students a genuine interest in Science and the ability to think critically in the subject. This is done through an innovative curriculum that incorporates various tools to scaffold thinking processes at both the Lower and Upper Secondary levels.

For the Lower Secondary students, thinking routines as well as frameworks such as C-E-R (Claim, Evidence and Reasoning) are introduced to make their thinking more visible.  The Standards of Critical Thinking model is also weaved into the curriculum to serve as a guidepost to improve on the quality of students’ answers.

At Upper Secondary, lessons incorporate the inquiry approach to make learning more student-centric. Students are given opportunities to learn content through data and information given, as well as experiments to develop their information processing and problem solving skills. Students are also exposed to a greater variety of data-based questions to challenge their thinking processes and test on their application of knowledge gathered. This enables us to develop our students further as young scientists.

Programmes for our Budding Young Scientists:

Outside of the classroom, our department also provides opportunities to allow students to apply their learning. Various competition platforms and research experiences are also available for selected students who are ready to take on the subject at a higher level.

Nature Science Programme & Science Competitions

Biodiversity Trail
International C.B. Paul Quiz
Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad
Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad
Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

Science Research Programmes / Science Innovation Challenge

International Elementz Science Research Conference & Exhibition
NJC Enrichment Science Training & Researcg (EStaR) Programme
A*STAR-MOE Scientists-in-School (SiS) Programme
Science Centre Singapore’s Research & Development Experience Programme (RDEP)
Research Mentorship by Centre for Research & Applied Learning in Science (CRADLΣ)
Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge with SP & ERI@N (USPE) 
Youth Science Ambassador Programme @ Science Centre 

1.    Nature Science Programme – Biodiversity Trail

s part of our school’s biodiversity education and outreach efforts, our Secondary 2 and 3 Green Ambassadors created biodiversity learning resources to educate our secondary 1 students about biodiversity in Kranji Marshes. The Green Ambassadors conceptualised a virtual learning trail which involves engagement in scientific inquiry through the use of Thinking Routines in the learning booklet and activities created on the Singapore Student Learning Space. Through these learning activities, our secondary 1 students gained deeper understanding about the interdependence of organisms in an ecosystem and its implication on conservation. This informal learning experience enables them to explore the core ideas of Diversity in nature and Pattern in biological classification of organisms. Participants also appreciate how the anatomical structures of organisms are related to their function through examples of birds.

Students and schools who are interested to access our resources in the Singapore Student Learning Space or participate in our virtual learning trail can email your request to kranji_ss@moe.edu.sg.


2.    Science Research Programmes

  • International Elementz Science Research Conference & Exhibition
The International Elementz Science Research Conference & Exhibition is a prestigious Science conference organised by ASRJC. It is an annual competition held for Upper Secondary and Junior College students to showcase their scientific research and prototypes which can contribute to the betterment of society by communicating their findings to industry experts. This competition allows students to deepen their research skills and also to gain a global perspective by learning from International Science projects.

In 2019, our school achieved the Bronze Award. In 2020, two teams of students participated and both teams achieved the Silver Award.

In 2021, despite the conference being held online via Zoom, our school achieved the Bronze Award for their work on Enhancing Performance of Soil-based Microbial Fuel Cell using Soil enriched with Vermicompost.

  • NJC Enrichment Science Training and Research (ESTaR) Programme

To extend learning beyond the core curriculum and to further students’ research interest, students are given the opportunity to participate in the National Junior College (NJC) Enrichment Science Training and Research (ESTaR) Programme. Through this Joint Scientific Research collaboration with NJC, our students work together with students from NJC. They are mentored by teachers from both schools. At the end of the programme, students then share their research projects at the National Junior College’s Science Training and Research (STaR) Symposium. The science projects are also submitted for judging at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) organised by the Ministry of Education, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research and the Singapore Science Centre.

In 2021, one of our teams’ project ‘Investigation of the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions Using Food Waste’ was shortlisted for the Final Judging at the SSEF.

  • *STAR-MOE Scientists-in-School (SiS) Programme
The programme provides an avenue for students to engage a professional researcher to learn more about application of science, and cultivate their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

In 2021, a group of students worked under the guidance of a scientist from the Institute of Chemical Engineering & Sciences, A*STAR, to explore the harvesting of hydrogen fuel from food waste. Through the programme, the students fostered the attitudes and skills needed for scientific inquiry and research.

  • Science Centre Singapore’s Research & Development Experience Programme (RDEP)

2 groups of Secondary 2 and 3 students will be participating in RDEP 2021. RDEP is a specially curated 8-day programme held at Science Centre Singapore. The aim of the programme is to enable students to gain hands-on experience in experimentation, design, prototyping, and data analysis. Students will work in small groups of 2 to 3 students to complete a small-scale Science or Engineering project and showcase their projects in the youth project showcase to be held.

  • Research Mentorship by Centre for Research & Applied Learning in Science (CRADLΣ)

In conjunction with Hwa Chong Institution’s (HCI) Annual Project’s Day, students who demonstrate an aptitude for Science are recruited to work on a Science research project. Guided by teacher mentors and an external research trainer from Science Centre Singapore, they embark on a research project with industrial or environmental applications. This programme aims to encourage the spirit of innovation through design of experiment and the development of scientific attitudes and ethos in students. The project for 2021 is “Investigation of Sound Absorption Capabilities of Different Types of Food Waste”. Students carried out the experiment and applied their critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge to analyse the results that they obtained. The project culminated in a final evaluation where students presented their findings to a panel of judges through an oral presentation. For their immense effort, the team was awarded “High Distinction in Project Work”.

3.   Science Innovation Challenge

  • Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge with SP & ERI@N (USPE)

The USPE is a national science competition jointly organized by ERI@N NTU, Singapore Polytechnic and Unity Secondary School. This competition focuses on participants’ intellectual curiosity and creativity in applying scientific principles to develop solutions for various challenges. In 2020, our school achieved the Outstanding Project Gold and Challenge Trophy. The theme for 2022’s challenge is Smart Solutions for a Better Future.

  • Youth Science Ambassador Programme @ Science Centre
The Think Big, Youth Science Ambassador Programme (YSAP) is a programme organised by Science Centre Singapore. Under the YSAP, students were mentored through a series of programme that includes project research skills, oral presentation and science communication skills, and thereafter they apply their learning to create a product that will benefit members of the society.   Two groups of students from the Science & Technology Club participated in YSAP 2021 and one of our students has been awarded the Amazon Future Engineer Bursary Award for his outstanding performance.

Achievements of Students

Events / Competitions
Research Mentorship by Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science (CRADLΣ)

Project Title: Investigation of Sound Absorption Capabilities of Different Types of Food Waste
  • High Distinction Award 
NJC Enrichment Science Training and Research (ESTaR) Programme

Project Titles:
  1. Investigation of the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions Using Food Waste
  2. A Study on the Effects of Hydrogel Extracted from Diapers on Antioxidant Levels in Plants
  • Shortlisted for Final Judging at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 
2021Youth Science Ambassador Programme @ Science Centre (YSAP)

  • Amazon Future Engineer Bursary Award


Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad
  • Silver Award (x2)
  • Merit Award (x1) 
2021Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad
  • Honourable Mention Award (x1)
 2021 International C.B Paul Quiz

  • Gold Award (x2)
  • Silver Award (x1)
  • Bronze Award (x6) 

Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge with SP & ERI@N’ (USPE) 2020

Project Title: Improving Home Cooling Systems using Venturi Effect to Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • USPE Outstanding Project Gold
  • Challenge trophy
  • “Young Engineer Award” by Singapore Polytechnic

Research Mentorship by Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science (CRADLΣ)

Project Title: Use of Vermicomposting to ENHANCE the Performance of Soil-based Microbial Fuel Cell
  • High Distinction Award
21st International Elementz Fair @ ASRJC
  • Silver Awards

13th Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
  • Honourable Mention Awards
15th Singapore International Science Challenge -
7th International Student Science Fair 2019 (SISC-ISSF 2019 @NJC)
  • The Ideator Award
  • Most Creative Design Award
  • Best Ergonomic Design Award

Research Mentorship by Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science (CRADLΣ)

Project title: Optimizing Piezoelectricity as a Source of Energy
  • High Distinction Award
20th International Elementz Science Research Conference & Exhibition @ ASRJC
  • Bronze Award
Science and Technology Challenge @ NYP
Overall Champion
  • Best Team Award for Design & Build-a-Bridge
  • Walk Your Pet – 1st
  • Amazon Treasure Hunt – 2nd
W6 Cluster Science Enrichment Workshop for Sec 1NT students
  • Volcanic Eruptions - 1st 
    PET Bottle Water Rocket - 2nd
  • Air Cannon Shoot-out - 2nd
  • Let's Build a Marble Machine - 2nd and 3rd
International C. B. Paul Quiz
Category 1 (lower sec):
  • Honorary Mention Award
  • Silver Award
Category 2 (upper sec):
  • Gold Award
Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad
  • Bronze Award
  • Merit Award
Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
  • Honourable Mention Awards
JPJC Math and Science Challenge- Great Escape
  • Richard Feynman Award

Presentation / Sharing by Science Teachers

In Kranji Secondary School, our teachers are passionate and dedicated in nurturing our students holistically. Our Science teachers have been invited to speak at local conferences and international conferences.

Here are some of the accomplishments of our teachers:

Presentation / Sharing Platforms
2021W6 Open Classroom and Sharing on Stations
 2021 W6 Cluster Sharing (Poster Presentations)
  • “CLAPS” for Perfect Cell Drawings
  • Alternative Assessments in the Biology Classroom
  • Nearpod in the Science Classroom
  • Differentiated Instructions in Physics Stations
  • Microscale Experiments used in Teaching in the Chemistry Classroom
2021West Zone Sharing (West Zone Centre of Excellence for Secondary School Sciences Workshop)
  • Encouraging the Ways of Thinking and Doing through mini project and design challenges
2021Scientific Argumentation Through Critical Debate Using a Blended Learning Approach
2021Teacher Led Network (TLW)
  • Use of Scientific Explanation Model to Support Science Enquiry for Knowledge Construction
2021AST Assessment Literacy Workshop
  • Incorporating AFL with elements of e-Pedagogy and Blended Learning 
20218th Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC)
  • Developing 21CC & Self-Directedness through Authentic Learning Experience 
Redesign Pedagogy International Conference 2020
Both Biology and Physics teams were selected for Presentation. Event was postponed to Year 2021 due to COVID-19 situation.
  • Driving Self-Directed Learning through a Flipped Classroom Approach with Students’ Learning Space (Biology Team)
  • Enhancing Learning Experience Through Video-infused Materials (Physics Team)
Biology Learning Day
Use of a scientific explanation model to support scientific inquiry for knowledge construction in Biology
Teachers' Conference 2019
Evidence-based Scientific Reasoning and Communication in Lower Secondary Science
Redesign Pedagogy International Conference 2017
Development of a Self-Directed Learning Package for the Teaching of Electromagnetism (Physics)
MOE Excel Fest 2017
Use of Game-based Learning in the Learning of the Digestive System in Biology