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Q1 What is the cut-off point to enter Kranji Secondary School?

The cut-off point for the school varies from year to year based on our applicants.

For reference, the school’s cut-off point for 2019 intake was 233 for Express stream, 179 for Normal (Academic) stream and 128 for Normal (Technical) stream.

Q2 Are we able to seek admission to Kranji Secondary school via Direct School Admission (DSA)?

Please refer to our school website under Admissions-Direct School Admission (DSA).

Q3 How many Secondary 1 classes will Kranji Secondary School offer for 2019?

We have 4 Express classes, 2 N(A) classes and 1 N(T) class for 2019.

Q4 What CCAs does Kranji Secondary School offer?

Kranji Secondary School has 5 Uniformed Groups (NCC-Land, NPCC, Girls’ Brigade, Boys’ Brigade and St John Brigade), 4 Sports & Games (Badminton, Basketball, Football and Table Tennis), 3 Performing Arts Groups (Dance, Choir and Symphonic Band) and 3 Clubs & Societies (English Literary, Drama & Debate Society, Art Club and Audio-Visual & Media Innovation Club).

Q5 What subject combinations does Kranji Secondary School offer in Upper Secondary?

Majority of our Express Stream students are offered 8 subjects (2 Languages, 2 Math, 2 Science and 2 Humanities).  Our Normal (Academic) Stream students will usually take up 6 subjects – English Language, Mother Tongue, Elementary Math, Combined Science, Combined Humanities and one elective (choosing among Art, D&T, F&N or POA).

Q6 What Mother Tongue Language does Kranji Secondary School offer?

We offer Higher Chinese, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.