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Applied Learning Programme

Nurturing Communities of Reflective and Independent Learners through Thinking Curriculum

Kranji’s Thinking Curriculum is a broad and flexible framework that guides the teaching strategies used to enrich classroom learning. It aims to develop students’ interests in various areas through an in-house THINK Programme. At the same time, innovation process and skills to sharpen their thinking processes will be introduced to students. In this way, Kranji’s ALP will equip the students with more skills to help them to be more future-ready. 
The key outcomes of the Thinking Curriculum include:

A deeper understanding of academic content 
Equipping students with the tools and skills to sharpen their thinking processes
Encouraging a disposition for critical and inventive thinking within and outside of the classroom
Provision of platforms to pursue interest-based learning and creativity

THINK Programme

The THink, INspire in Kranji (THINK) Programme is an in-house signature programme in the school that aims to provide students with future-ready skills and the platform to apply them.
In THINK Programme, students will have opportunities to 
learn Thinking Routines that aims to make thinking visible to themselves and others;
learn Research and Information Literacy Skills that help them thrive in this information age;
develop communication and collaborative skills by engaging in an inquiry project.

The THINK Programme spans over one year, from Semester 2 of Secondary 1 to Semester 1 of Secondary 2. 
In Secondary 1, students learn Thinking Routines, Research and Information Literacy Skills in lessons designed and taught by Kranji teachers. 
In Secondary 2, students will participate in inquiry group projects on topics of their interest and choice. At the end of the programme, students will present their projects in a THINK Carnival, sharing their learning with the rest of the school.