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Learning for Life Programme -Community Youth Leadership

Kranji Secondary School’s Learning For Life Programme aspires to Nurture a Leader in every Kranjian through Community and Youth Leaderhip programmes.
The school’s LLP programme provides Kranjians with leadership and learning experiences that support their development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. These learning experiences aim to increase the awareness and opportunities for a Kranjian to be of service to others, fulfilling the vision of developing Kranjian with a Heart to Serve. 


The following principles guide the Kranji Student Leadership Programme:
Leadership can be taught and learned by all Kranjians.
Kranjians take ownership of their leadership learning progress and development.
Leadership must be grounded in values, character and a desire in the student leaders to serve his/her community.

Kranji Secondary School adopts the Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model (Leadership Challenge Model). The Leadership Challenge Model advocates that these five leadership practices are within the capacity of everyone to learn:
1. Model the way
2. Inspire a shared vision
3. Challenge the process
4. Enable others to act
5. Encourage the heart
Kranji Secondary School Leadership programmes are developmental in nature.

The School’s Leadership structure aims to allow every Kranjian an opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities.

Tier 1: Cohort Leadership
Every Kranjian is encouraged to develop their leadership capabilities through exposure to the mindset that leadership can be learned. The school’s Leadership programme accomplishes this through conducting level workshops designed by LCM-certified teachers and facilitated by class mentors. Students are encouraged to serve in their classes and communities through the Class Committee and VIA opportunities.
Secondary Three students are encouraged to participate in Outward Bound Singapore (OBS). Through OBS, student practice self and peer leadership, responsible decision-making, resilience and personal and relationship management.

Tier 2: Group Leadership

CCA Leaders and the Monitorial Board go through additional trainings to equip them with skills to organise, plan, lead and manage conflict at the CCA or class levels. Students use these skills when they plan class or CCA VIA, or during weekly training sessions.

Tier 3: School Leadership

Training at this tier aims to equip Student Councillors and selected CCA Leaders with the ability to influence and impact the general school population. Leaders at this level undergo more rigorous training in the Leadership Challenge Model and practice skills learnt during the planning and execution of various school and community-wide events. 
Programmes at this level includes participation in the Hwa Chong Integrated Boarding Programme, Student Leadership Challenge Training Camps, Public Speaking Workshops and Student Council Dialogue sessions.