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Learning for Life Programme -Community Youth Leadership

Kranji Secondary School’s Learning For Life Programme aspires to Nurture a Leader in every Kranjian through Community and Youth Leaderhip programmes.

The school’s LLP programme provides Kranjians with leadership and learning experiences that support their development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. These learning experiences aim to increase the awareness and opportunities for a Kranjian to be of service to others, fulfilling the vision of developing Kranjian with a Heart to Serve. 


The following principles guide the Kranji Student Leadership Programme:
Leadership can be taught and learned by all Kranjians.
Kranjians take ownership of their leadership learning progress and development.
Leadership must be grounded in values, character and a desire in the student leaders to serve his/her community.

Kranji Secondary School adopts the Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model (Leadership Challenge Model). The Leadership Challenge Model advocates that these five leadership practices are within the capacity of everyone to learn:
1. Model the way
2. Inspire a shared vision
3. Challenge the process
4. Enable others to act
5. Encourage the heart
Kranji Secondary School Leadership programmes are developmental in nature.

The School’s Leadership structure aims to allow every Kranjian an opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities.

Tier 1: Leadership Development for all students

Every Kranjian is encouraged to develop their leadership capabilities through exposure to the mindset that leadership can be learned. The school’s Leadership programme accomplishes this through conducting level workshops designed by LCM-certified teachers and facilitated by class mentors. Students are encouraged to serve in their classes and communities through the Class Committee and VIA opportunities.

Secondary Three students are encouraged to participate in Outward Bound Singapore (OBS). Through OBS, student practice self and peer leadership, responsible decision-making, resilience and personal and relationship management.

Tier 2: Group Leadership

CCA Leaders and the Monitorial Board go through additional trainings to equip them with skills to organise, plan, lead and manage conflict at the CCA or class levels. Students use these skills when they plan class or CCA VIA, or during weekly training sessions.

Tier 3: School Leadership

Training at this tier aims to equip Student Councillors and selected CCA Leaders with the ability to influence and impact the general school population. Leaders at this level undergo more rigorous training in the Leadership Challenge Model and practice skills learnt during the planning and execution of various school and community-wide events. 

Programmes at this level includes participation in the Hwa Chong Integrated Boarding Programme, Student Leadership Challenge Training Camps, Public Speaking Workshops and Student Council Dialogue sessions.

Student Leadership Distinctive Programmes

Voices for Youth: National Day Rally Youth Dialogue

Voices of Youth 2019 is an annual post-National Day Rally Dialogue organised by the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC. This dialogue aims to provide a platform for youths from the community to offer their views and opinions on initiatives shared by the Prime Minister during the National Day Rally. It also hopes to deepen youths’ interest, knowledge and insight on current affairs, as well as understand the trade-off in policy-making.

As part of our Student Leadership and National Education programme, our students serve as Facilitators to engage the participating youths, guiding them in sharing and consolidating their views and opinions on the various National Day Rally topics. Our students interacted with participants from other schools, drawing out multiple perspectives and viewpoints, raising awareness and helping them to gain a deeper understanding of the issues raised. 


Kranjian Facilitators leading in youths from other secondary schools,
Centralised Institute, ITEs 
and Polytechnics in a discussion of issues and perspectives surrounding the National Day Rally.


Kranjian Facilitations presenting a consolidation of ideas, views and perspectives to the audience after the facilitation of small group discussions.


Kranjian Facilitators together with Special Guests, Mr Lawrence Wong (Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance), Mr Ong Teng Koon and Mr Alex Yam (MPs for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC).

Hwa Chong Institution - Integrated Boarding Programme 
The Hwa Chong Institution - Integrated Boarding Programme (HCI-IBP) is a leadership development opportunity for selected top tier student leaders. Selected student leaders take part in this residential leadership experience for 10 weeks in Term 1. 

The HCI-IBP aims to allow students to understand themselves, and discover their own preferences and interests for further development. It gives our student leaders opportunities to forge stronger ties with others and learn to interact within a learning community outside of the school. Through its broad menu of leadership workshops and programmes, our student leaders develop a greater self-awareness of their personal leadership qualities, discovering personal interests, character traits, and aptitudes in the process. 

As the HCI – IBP is a 10 week, short-term residential programme, students become more independent, disciplined, and responsible, learning how to relate confidently and becoming more tolerant of others in a culturally diverse community. 

Mid-Autumn Festival @ Limbang
The Mid-Autumn Festival @ Yew Tee is an annual community event jointly organised by the Limbang Grassroots Organisations and Kranji Secondary School. Students from the Student Council, Mother Tongue Department, Symphonic Band, Modern Dance Club, National Police Cadet Corps and St John Brigade came together with the Limbang residents and Mr Lawrence Wong (Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance) to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival through fun games and cultural performances.

Our student leaders from the Student Council formed part of the Organising Team, planning and implementing game booths to promote community bonding and engagement. They brainstormed for game ideas based on Mid-Autumn traditions and presented them to representatives from the Limbang Grassroots Organisations. Students from NPCC set up a scam prevention game booth which was extremely popular with residents. 


Our students manning the Mother Tongue Cultural booths and the NPCC Scam Prevention booth.