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Drama in Literature Curriculum

The drama programme is offered to Secondary 1 students as part of the lower secondary Literature curriculum. It serves as an alternative platform for the expression of personal response through drama instead of the traditional pen-and-paper mode of assessment. In particular, the programme aims to achieve the following objectives: 

  • To provide an authentic context for students to engage in deep learning through critical reading and analyses of the themes and characters in the Literature text 
  • To provide opportunities for collaborative learning in the form of play-building so as to develop teamwork in students and improve their communication skills 

The programme consists of a series of drama sessions conducted by qualified drama instructors and closely monitored by the school’s Literature teachers. Working in groups, students are actively involved in all the stages of play-building, from script writing, improvisation of props and costumes to the production of the play. The programme culminates in the final performance assessment of the play. 

The drama programme is rigorous yet enjoyable for students. Its varied and engaging activities enrich students’ experiences in the learning of Literature.