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Internationalisation Programme @ Kranji Secondary School

Kranji Secondary School’s Internationalisation Programme aims to equip all Kranjians with a global perspective. With globalisation, the need to possess multi-cultural literacy becomes increasingly important. The driving force behind Kranji Secondary School’s Internationalisation Programme is the board concept of experiential and authentic learning. Through “The World is my Classroom” concept, the international exposure provides opportunities for our students to engage in real-world application of knowledge, skills and values. This structured reflective learning is in tandem with our school strategic thrust of Nurturing Future-Ready Leaders with a Heart to Serve vis-à-vis developing global awareness and cross-cultural skills in all Kranjians. It also allows our students to develop an awareness of where Singapore stands in the global arena, strengthen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore, and be better equipped to be ambassadors of the school and of Singapore.

The Internationalisation Programme is designed to equip every Kranjians with global perspectives and cross-cultural competency. This is done through various modes such as immersion programmes, educational expeditions, learning journeys, cross-cultural understanding and appreciation activities in Asia and beyond. Where possible, our students can engage with local people and be involved in their local community activities that further enrich their experiential learning.

Beyond KSS and with the passage of time, it is envisaged that our students will possess the relevant skills to interact and engage with a network of peers across geographical boundaries beyond their time in KSS.

In January 2020, we played host to our Internationalisation Programme partners – Xingzhi Secondary School from Hangzhou, China and Merlion School from Surabaya, Indonesia. The continued effort invested by Kranji Secondary School and our foreign school partners has enabled us to developing our students with a global perspective, deepen their cross cultural skills and experience authentic learning beyond geographical boundaries.

These hosting sessions at Kranji Secondary School is the second leg to our Internationalisation Programme, following our outbound first leg where Kranjians visited both schools in November 2019. The group of student ambassadors that hosted our visitors are the same group of students who were involved in the November school exchanges. Both groups of students were eager to reconnect with their buddies, and participate in various activities such as school orientation, lesson observations and a mosaic art lesson.

Below are some reflections from our Kranjians who participated in the Trips for Internationalisation Experience 2019.

Surabaya, Indonesia

Stepping into the school, I was very shocked to see that Merlion school was evidently a lot smaller than Kranji Secondary School. Yet, they were housing more students, ranging from Kindergarten to Secondary 4 level as compared to us. Following the Principal’s address, school orientation tour and a Geography lesson on mangroves, we were ferried to an actual mangrove site near the school! It was an eye opening experience for me and my fellow Kranjians, to see the state of pollution caused by humans in the mangrove swarms. It did not look anything like what we have in Singapore! We got our hands dirty and joined Merlion School students to clean up the mangrove, as part of the school’s continued efforts to keep the mangroves clean. It was a difficult task, but all us of managed to clear at least one bag of trash from the mangrove swamp at the end of the day. We were definitely tired, but there was a strong sense of fulfilment, doing our part for the environment!


Hangzhou, China

On the second day of my cultural trip to Hangzhou, we visited Xingzhi Secondary School. From the activities planned by the school as well as the student ambassadors, I can sense the immense pride they have of the Hangzhou culture. This could be seen from the series of beautiful student artwork placed all around school, focusing on the theme of the Hangzhou beauty and identity. I am very amazed and thrilled as I walked past the school corridors, and appreciating those beautiful art works. One student’s artwork is titled ‘West Lake’ and it has left a lasting impression on me. It was very beautiful and was painted based on the students’ interpretation of the actual West Lake, a famous scenic spot in Hangzhou. In addition, the traditional food prepared by the parent volunteers during the welcome ceremony provided us with an opportunity to have a taste of the different types of snacks in Hangzhou. This whole trip has been memorable as I understand better the similarities and differences between Singapore and Hangzhou.

SINGH SAKSHI, 3K5 (2020)