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Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony for the Secondary 4 and 5 cohorts was conducted on 4 October this year. Not only was it a significant event to mark the completion of the secondary school journey of our graduating students, it was also a wonderful platform for them to show their appreciation to their teachers and school for the years of nurturing and care. Furthermore, it also gave the students an opportunity to bond with one another and celebrate this important milestone together before the national examinations. During the ceremony, a video montage specially prepared by the Media & Productions Team for the graduating classes was played. A few teachers put together a marvellous performance of music and songs, much to the amazement and delight of the students. Then, the classes were presented with their graduation certificates as well as token gifts hand-made by the Parents Support Group. In return, the class representatives presented their class mentors with a memento as a token of appreciation. It was a simple yet meaningful and heart-warming ceremony indeed!