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For Students

Student Learning SpaceOnline learning portal providing equal access to quality curriculum-aligned resources in major subjects in secondary school level, in line with the development of 21st Century Competencies (21CC)
Student iCON 
A suite of Google apps that helps to better support your learning and collaboration with others
MySkillsFuture PortalA one-stop portal that enables Singaporeans of all ages to make informed learning and career choices, so that they can pursue their skills and career development throughout their lives
OPACAn online database of materials held by the school library
SERRA virtual school library. It aims to promote recreational reading as well as support learning for students across various subject areas. In addition, the repository provides easy access to online resources such as eBooks, audiobooks, videos and web resources. SERR can be accessed without a login ID and password.
iMTLA web-based, interactive Mother Tongue Languages Portal which supports the teaching and learning of Mother Tongue Languages (“MTLs”) in schools