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Formed in 2016, we are a team of passionate pioneer alumni who aimed to set up an alumni to serve as a key strategic partner in our alma mater. On 10 July 2019, the Kranji Alumni is formally registered as an association under the Registry of Societies to better support and contribute to Kranji Secondary School strategically.


  • To maintain contact between Kranji Secondary School and her former pupils and staff.
  • To support the school’s initiatives and development by tapping on the experience and expertise of Alumni members.
  • To perpetuate the friendship and network among alumni by staying connected to the school’s events and happenings.

As a strategic partner to Kranji Secondary School, the Kranji Alumni has provided support at various platforms for both students and staff.

The Kranji Alumni Executive Committee


Chen Zhaoguang


Neo Pei Yun


Tan Check Han Roystan


Lee She Wee


Neo Lwee Ming Adrian


Yow Ying Ming Ivan

Assistant Secretary

Yolanda Tan

Assistant Treasurer


Executive Member

Lee Zhixiong

Executive Member

Lim Si Hui

Executive Member

Ong Jack Shen

Executive Member

Wee Jie Ying Ingrid

Executive Member

Sponsorship for The Kranjian Awards

The Kranji Alumni sponsored the Kranjian Award since 2018 to recognise outstanding graduating students for their character, leadership and academic achievements during the school’s annual Achievement Day. Congratulations to all the winners and recipients at the Achievement Day!

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The Kranji Alumni’s Chairman presenting The Kranjian Awards to Koh Mingyou (4K4)
and Nabil Zikry B Ahmad Jufri (4R1) at Kranji’s Achievement Day 2019

Teachers' Day Celebration

Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge and dedicate their time and energy to nurture us during our 4-5 years journey. To all our past and current Kranji teachers, thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. Below are some gestures to show the alumni’s appreciation for all Kranji teachers and staff. Happy Teachers’ Day!

TD1.png TD2.png

2018 Teachers’ Day: Customised cupcakes from The Kranji Alumni


2019 Teachers’ Day: Breakfast reception and homemade video for all Kranji Sec staff


Rendering support through various areas:
  • Sponsorship for Kranji’s Graduation Dinner
  • Engagement and sharings for students (e.g. Sports events, career talks) 
  • Consolidation of the Kranji Alumni database for connect purpose

Contact Kranji Alumni:

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A copy of the Kranji Alumni Constitution can be downloaded here.