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Full Subject-Based Banding

This is applicable to Secondary 1 students entering our school in 2022.

Kranji Secondary School is one of the 59 schools implementing Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB) in 2022. It is being rolled out by MOE to more secondary schools each year until 2024.

Purpose of Full Subject-Based Banding

Full SBB is part of MOE's ongoing efforts to nurture the joy of learning and develop multiple pathways to cater to the different strengths and interests of our students. Under Full SBB, MOE will expand Subject-Based Banding (SBB) beyond the four PSLE subjects, to allow eligible students to offer Humanities subjects at a more demanding level from Secondary 2 in 2022.

        • With Full SBB, we are moving towards a secondary school education where students learn each subject at the level that best caters to their overall strengths, interests and learning needs.
        • Under Full SBB, there will no longer be separate Express, N(A), and N(T) courses, and students will be in mixed form classes where they can interact with peers of different strengths and interests. The form classes are named after the Kranji Houses, namely, Kestrel, Rhino, Albatross, Nighthawk, Jaguar and Ibex.  
        • Students will attend lessons in the form classes for the following subjects: Character and Citizenship Education, Music, Physical Education, Art, Design & Technology, as well as Food and Consumer Education at lower secondary.
        • For the academic subjects, namely English Language, Mother Tongue Languages, Mathematics, Science, and the Humanities, students will be attending lessons based on their subject classes.  The subject classes will be organised based on their respective course levels [N(T), N(A) or Express].

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What will your child’s secondary school experience look like?  

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