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When it comes to nimbleness and surefootedness, others pale into insignificance. Steadfast and determined, the ibex is known for its agility in leaping about ledges and rugged terrain. Ibex will go where lesser creatures fear to tread.

Motto: "Stronger together, better than ever"

Like the sure-footed and agile Ibex that inhabit the rugged mountains and cliffs, Kranjians who belong to Ibex remain undaunted in the face of difficulties and are able to find their way out of challenging situations. Ibex live in herds and depend on each other for survival. Similarly, Ibex house members exhibit camaraderie and work closely together during school events.

New Ibex house members will meet their fellow housemates during Secondary One Orientation. The Ibex House Committee usually plans some fun ice-breakers so the juniors get to know their Ibex seniors. During the annual Sports Day, all Ibex members have a chance to participate in the events by signing up either in teams or individually. Even if one is not inclined towards sports, one can contribute by helping to make props for the cheerleading competition, or even volunteer as a cheerleader! There is a myriad of other school events, such as the Humanities Amazing Race, the annual Inter-House Games and the Sports Fiesta, where Ibex members can proudly represent their house and earn points to bring Ibex closer to clinching the House Championship.

Through all these exciting events, an Ibex member will truly understand that we are stronger together, and when we come together as one house and work with each other, we will be better than ever.