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Smaller than the hawk but no less majestic and daring with its characteristic wide wingspread, the nighthawk is more enduring in energy and stamina and stays in flight longer at greater heights. The motto "WITH WINGS WE FLY, WITH GUTS WE TRY" has thus been inspired by the courage and perseverance of this creature.

Like the nighthawk, Kranjians who belong to the Nighthawk house are always encouraged to go beyond their limits and not be afraid of failures. No matter the outcome, Nighthawk members are always willing to try and participate in various house-based activities. Achieving victory is never a primary goal; learning from failures and enjoying the process are always emphasised instead!

In Nighthawk, bonding and camaraderie are emphasised as well. Games and initiation ceremonies are planned during the Secondary One Orientation to welcome them into the Nighthawk family. Besides the various planned house events and activities, bonding games are regularly held during house meetings to encourage interaction across classes and levels among house members.

Nighthawk members thus go through their journey in the house together as one family, with an open mind and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude!