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Rhinoceros are powerful creatures. They can weigh up to 8000 pounds, but can still run up to 40 miles per hour despite their immense weight. Though it is a peaceful animal, it has a reputation for being dangerous when threatened. A charging rhino embodies power and might.


Just like the Rhinoceros which has thick, layered skin to protect themselves from external harm, our Rhinos are resilient and are able to persevere through challenges. This can be either through sportsmanship on the annual Sports Day, Sports Fiesta and Inter-House Games, or through intellect and wits during Humanities Amazing Race and other non-sports events. We are also proud to announce that the Rhino House won the Overall House Champion in 2015!

Who are we? We are the Rhinos! Join our RhinOhana and together, we will Charge to Glory!