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Peer Support Leaders

Kranji Secondary School believes that Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) play an important role in the ecosystem of support for students’ mental well-being, as students tend to prefer to first approach their peers when they face challenges. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the selection of PSLs is stringent and rigorous.

2021 CNA feature on Peer Support in KSS

“Mental health support for youths in and outside schools will be bolstered in the coming year, with peer support and digital resources set to play a key role. Cheryl Goh with more.”

Watch the video here: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/watch/peer-support-tech-play-key-role-youth-mental-health-video-2389001

Qualities that a PSL should possess

Kranji School ValuesChecklist of Qualities
  1. Good listener
  2. Non-judgmental
  1. Timely in raising issues to CMs
  1. Able to cope with difficulties
  2. Has a healthy self-esteem
  1. Willing to help others
  2. Friendly
  3. Approachable
  4. Has a positive demeanour 
5. Good encourager
6. Empathises with others
7. Inclusive
8. Sincere and genuine when helping
  1. Trustworthy
Passion For Learning
  1. Willing to reflect and improve on being a better PSL
  2. Willing to put in time and effort in PSL meetings and discussions 

Roles and responsibilities of a PSL

Peer Bonding
Fostering Bonds & Belonging to the School Community
Peer Helping
Providing Practical Help & Social-Emotional Support
Peer Influencing
Influencing Mindsets & Behaviours, Advocating for Well-being & Role-modelling Good Character
  1. Help to create a strong sense of belonging within class/CCA/specific peer group
  2. Welcome new students to the school community (e.g. involve in planning for Sec 1 Orientation)
  3. Look out and befriend those who may be lonely or who are excluded/bullied (e.g. students with SEN) using the DISTRESS and CHEER model
  1. Provide practical help to those in need (e.g. student with physical disabilities)
  2. Provide a listening ear and emotional and social support to those in distress (both online and offline)
  3. Provide support to students who need additional help (e.g. students with SEN)
  4. Inform teachers of students who need help and are at risk
  1. Upstand to bullying behaviour
  2. Advocate for student overall well-being (including cyber wellness)
  3. Promote positive mindsets and prosocial behaviours offline and online
  4. Mediate between peer conflicts (for older students)

Selection of PSLs

Each class will have a minimum of two PSLs (one male and one female). Students who are interested in being a PSL will be required to submit a self-nomination form comprising of the checklist of qualities. Class mentors and peers can also nominate potential PSLs. Once confirmed, PSLs will undergo regular trainings and meetings to support them in their role.