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Aesthetics Development Programme

The Aesthetics Development programme aims to provide an avenue for our students to develop their interests and display their talents in the arts. Through a structured yet versatile programme, the students gain exposure to diverse art forms and are provided with platforms to stretch their talents.

Within SMM guidelines, we were able to carry out the Sec 2 Dance Enrichment during the End-of-Year Post-examination programme and Kranji’s Got Talents in 2021.

Sec 2 Dance Enrichment Programme

2021 marked the opportunity for Secondary 2 students’ involvement in the face to face dance enrichment over 2 days. Our students learnt dance techniques unique to the cultures of the ethnic groups in Singapore and K-pop dance moves.

There was a dance instructor to a group of 20 students and the students truly enjoyed themselves, bonding with their classmates and dancing to the groovy music.

photo 1 - Chang Long Poh.jpgphoto 2 - Chang Long Poh.jpg

Kranji's Got Talent

Kranji’s Got Talent, also known as KGT, is our school’s signature Aesthetics event that fosters a healthy performing arts culture and provides a platform for students to showcase their talents. To compete for a spot in the Finals, open auditions are held during lower and upper secondary recesses and the audience are treated to an array of performances from our talented students.

Due to SMM guidelines, our students submitted their competition pieces by recording their performances. The students are talented in singing, dancing and playing of musical instruments. The finalists of KGT 2021:

photo 3 - Chang Long Poh.jpg
Congratulations to the Top 3 winners:
1st Position: Cynthia Wang/4K1 and Braydon Goon/4K4 (Singing)
1st Runner-up: Phyu Hnin Thant/4K3 (Singing)
2nd Runner-up: Wong Shing Hei/3K1 (Piano Playing)

School Assembly Programme

To allow our students to be exposed to other Art forms, a slew of good quality Art performances were staged, namely; music, drama and dance by Gamelan Asmaradana, Mini Monsters and Sri Warisan.

These performances were integrated to Kranji’s signature programmes, such as the school’s celebration for Hari Raya and Racial Harmony Day. We aim to strengthen the arts appreciation and to provide quality Arts Education experience for all.

photo 4 - Chang Long Poh.jpg
Wefie by Gamelan Asmaradana with our students in 2019