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Internationalisation Programme

“The World is my Classroom”

Kranji Secondary School’s Internationalisation Programme aims to equip all Kranjians with a global perspective. With globalisation, the need to possess multi-cultural literacy becomes increasingly important. The driving force behind Kranji Secondary School’s Internationalisation Programme is the board concept of experiential and authentic learning. Through “The World is my Classroom” concept, the international exposure provides opportunities for our students to engage in real-world application of knowledge, skills and values.

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The Ministry of Education has featured our e-internationalisation programmes on schoolbag, a news website that provides parents, educators and the general public with education news, school features and tips. The article “The World is my Classroom” narrates our school’s approach in continuing to provide our students with an international experience despite the COVID-19 situation and the rich learning that student participants had obtained from this programme. Read the article here!

The Education for Sustainable Development Award – First Prize winner

The Education for Sustainable Development Award aims to promote all levels of education and learning to contribute to sustainable development and to strengthen education and learning that promote sustainable development. We are pleased to be announced as the First Prize winner of the Education for Sustainable Development Award 2021, presented by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. The theme this year is “Securing Educational Opportunities in COVID-19 Crisis” and Kranji Secondary is one of the 282 schools from 8 Southeast Asian countries who have submitted entries for this award.

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This award recognises and affirmed our school's efforts in securing varied learning opportunities for our students despite disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the effective utilisation of ICT in different school programmes such as the Applied Learning Programme, Cyber Wellness, Internationalisation and innovations in the use of Virtual Reality, learning continues to take place for our students in and out of the classroom. Watch our video entry here!

“ASEAN Youths in Climate Action” discussion series

Former Education Minister Ong Ye Kung announced at the 2020 Committee of Supply Debate on the need for our students to understand ASEAN better and be equipped to take on new opportunities from ASEAN’s growth. In partnership with ASEAN Studies Centre, a research think tank with the Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore, Kranji Secondary co-organised a four-part webinar series of discussion sessions for 65 students in 2021, including students from our cluster schools. The theme for 2021 is “ASEAN Youths in Climate Action”. These sessions are planned to allow the Centre to share and sharpen our students’ understanding of issues affecting ASEAN. This would further augment and strengthen students’ understanding and exposure towards Asia, in particular the ASEAN region, beyond the MOE enhancement and coverage in the Humanities curriculum.

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Student participants benefitted from the insightful and engaging discussions with researchers from the ASEAN Studies Centre and the youth activists in this region. Student participants also had the opportunity to conduct scenario-based stakeholders analysis and present their position and proposals for climate action. As a result, all participants have walked away with a deeper sense of mission and can do more for climate action.

International Conference for High School Students

Kranji Secondary School is delighted to be invited by Supratarka, a non-profit organisation based in Japan, to participate in the 2020 International Conference for High School Students. This is the first time the organisation has invited Singapore for this conference. The theme for 2020 conference is “Towards World Peace”. Held online on 6 September 2020, 5 Kranjians represented the school and interacted with students from participating schools in Japan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka on issues of world peace and how the threats of Covid-19 affects countries and people to achieve world peace.

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Pre-conference discussion and preparation with school principal and teachers via Zoom

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In 2021, Kranji Secondary was invited to participate once again at this conference, with the theme “Propose a Plan which is Good for the Earth”, with student participations from various schools in Japan and Tu Cheng High School in Chinese Taipei.

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Virtual School Exchange with Ginowan Senior High School (Okinawa, Japan)

As part of our school’s internationalisation efforts and an extension of the curriculum, we have established a partnership with Ginowan Senior High School in Okinawa, Japan since 2020 to carry out a virtual school exchange between our two schools. This school exchange aims to to deepen our students in the 21 st Century Competency in global awareness and cross-cultural sensitivities.

The year-long exchange allows students from both schools to work on collaborative projects that promote inter-cultural understanding, and for our students to adopt a global perspective and make connections between what they learnt in the classroom to the real world. Students are engaged in different activities on Google Classroom, Flipgrid (an online tool that allows students to create and share recordings with teachers and students) and held live meetings on Zoom and Google Meet.

In 2021, the school exchange was extended to Secondary 2 members of the International & Global Studies CCA where students from both schools delved into the understanding and application of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SGDs are the blueprint of The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

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Coverage of the school exchange in Okinawa newspapers

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Kranji and Ginowan students co-presenting their project on Google Meet

Virtual School Exchange with Tu Cheng High School (Taiwan)

In September 2021, Kranji Secondary established a new partnership with Tu Cheng High School in Taiwan to carry out a virtual school exchange programme on global environmental sustainability issues. Students from both schools held discussions on the efforts of both countries in areas of Clean Energy, Recycling of Waste, Reduction of Waste, Water Pollution and Beach Clean Up.

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